Little Fairy!

1:07:00 PM

Once upon a time there was a sweet and innocent (cough cough) little girl who loved to sneak through the garden looking for fairies.  Try as she might, she was never able to catch a glimpse of these magical beings.  Finally, one day she gave up her search and decided to play in the mud instead.  She left quite a mess around her god mommy's house too!  Her  god mommy, distraught at her the girl's new play hobby, decided to turn her into a fairy!  So, when the little girl woke up, she found a present at the end of her bed!  Inside was the prettiest fairy costume ever!  She wore it all day long and you know what?  The other fairies must have mistaken her for one of their own because the little girl finally got to see them!  The End.

If you would like to be a fairy like me, be sure to pick up this super sweet Spring Fairy outfit from Little Rainbows!  It includes: dress, umbrella, tiara, wings, bracelet, and anklets!

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