<:*BoOgErS*:> @ Summer Fest '16

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Oh no, I don't think so!  My sissy was trying to steal some of my new stuff I got today so I started throwing my shoes at her!  This is all mine!  Bahaha!  (I might share with her later if she gives me a cookie though).  

Boogers is all bout the fun at this year's Summer Fest which opens June 18th!  This year they are featuring these awesome kites that come in both a decor and wearable option.  You'll also be able to find other summer fun related items while you are there too like these whack'a'noodles and the Rex-O-Saurus to beat up your siblings....I mean...  *coughs*  If you prefer to play nicely, you can always pick up the kiddie pool, Splish -N- Splash, or Octopuss Sprinkler!  You'll need some refreshment after all this fun too, so don't forget the Lemonade stand!

Although these super cute Sporty Sandals aren't at the event, you can still find them in the Spilled Milk mainstore!  They come in a variety of color options that are sure to satisfy boys and girls alike!

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