Summer Camp with Heirloom Treasures!

11:13:00 AM

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Oh my sparkles!  Heirloom Treasures has a new Summer Camp Swimsuit gacha coming out at Kid to Kid on the 5th!  The gacha comes with 6 commons 3 Rares: hat, frilly suit and beach bag.  See the gacha key below for all the color options!  I'm wearing the Rares and they come with texture change HUDs loaded with all the color options.

Also out at Kid to Kid is this super awesome Child Tube Rezzer!  This nifty little thing will rez a child sized tube to float on!  Don't despair though, the floaties are modify so you can resize them for any sized avatar!  Each one comes with 3 cute animations and 8 different color options accessible through the menu.  This would be perfect for a lake or beach sim too!

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