Caterpillar Crawl

8:32:00 AM

Mommy left me a note this morning that I had a gift waiting out in the yard so I hurried up to dress and go see what it was.  I searched and searched before I found this adorable caterpillar hiding in the flowers!  It is just big enough for me, so of course I hopped on its back and we crawled all over the place.  We had so much fun that we both got tired and passed out under the tree for a little nap.  

If you'd like a caterpillar of your own, skip on over to this round of The Play Room and pick one up!  This collaboration between Sammich Fixins and Boomerang comes in 8 different colors: 6 commons and 2 rares.

I'm wearing:

Petite Bowtique - Fifi Splatteralls @ Tous Les Enfants
*includes shirt and shoes

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