Quality Time

8:39:00 AM

My sissy has been MIA for days, but she finally came home today!  I immediately grabbed her hand and wouldn't let go as we had a sister's day out.  First, I dragged her shopping (she really hates it) as payback for abandoning me for so long!  I had mercy on her though, and we came home to have a little picnic under our favorite tree.  It sure was nice to have my best friend ever back for the day!

If you like what we are wearing, you can get yours at 
{ Blush. } tomorrow for Fifty Linden Friday!  This Hallie dress comes in two versions for the event, Floral Lace and plain Floral.  

While you are there, you can pick up one of the many other color options too (these will be full price)!  These cute little dresses are 100% original mesh and textures, so you don't want to miss out on the a!

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