Unsupervised Again!

10:47:00 AM

Well....I was left unsupervised again!  You know what that means... I'm gonna get into the cookie jar!  The kitchen may be off limits for me, but there's noone around to catch me!  Bahahaha!  I'm being extra careful not to get any frosting on my new outfit too.  If there's no evidence, it didn't happen!  

I'm wearing the new Millie outfit from MuddPuddles.  Its delicate floral design is perfect for Spring and comes in 6 adorable colors!  I paired the outfit with the new strappy sandals also from MuddPuddles.  These cute shoes come in a variety of colors as well with two additional add-on HUDs to expand your selection!

Pose - bunny cookie - p.o.s.e.

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