Fairy Wishes

1:11:00 PM

Once Upon A Time....there was a little heathen child that wanted to be fairy princess.  She wished and wished upon a star that this may be so and promised she would be good for a whole day if her wish was granted.  Her fairy mommy heard this wish and jumped at the opportunity to have her devil child be well behaved, if only temporarily!  So she waved her magic fairy mommy wand and tada!  The dirty little heathen was transformed into the cutest fairy child of all!  She even kept her promise and was a nice little girl for the whole day, even though it was torture.  

The End


Hair - TRUTH - Elyse
Eyes - Ikon - Eternal Eyes - Cornflower
Skin - Mother Goose's - Allison
Body - Cute Bytes - Toddleedoo Baby Girl
Shape - My own custom
Bandaid - Shakeup - Nose Bandaids
Outfit - Meche - Fairy Gacha @ Enchantment (Nov 2015)

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