Snack Fight!

11:55:00 AM

My sissy and I got really hungry and decided to go sneak a snack out of the kitchen while mommy wasn't looking!  We couldn't agree on what to get though.  She wanted to eat pudding and I wanted some of the candy pretzels mommy made yesterday.  We decided to settle the argument with a little swordfight, but then we couldn't decide who won!  Hahaha!  In the end, we compromised and ate pudding and pretzels both!

ToddleTeeZ - Pretzel Sticks @ ATP Events
*hold and mouth versions w/resizer
ToddleTeeZ - Pudding Cups & Spoons @ The Gacha Garden
*with holding animations
.click. - Lillipop Swords! pose
*lolli sword props not shown

{Buttercup} Jolene Bloomer Overalls @ Tous Les Enfants
*includes bow headband
::Rigby:: canvas sneakers - Gacha
Angie (Left) Hair - Truth - Gretchen
Ana (Right) hair - Blues - Bettie

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